Wearing a necklace with my signature embroidered ankara dress


"I'm not a fan of wearing a necklace with an embroidered dress or top. I feel it's a bit much and can be distracting. It takes attention away from the exquisite embroidered pattern. So why am I wearing a necklace with my signature embroidered ankara dress?

Well, this particular dress isn't heavily embroidered unlike my previous ones because I specifically asked my tailor to take it down a notch. After I dressed up I felt somewhat incomplete. Maybe because I wasn't used to light embroidery.

I put on this green fascinator and even though it helped elevate my look there was still something missing. I couldn't figure out what it was so I sat on my bed in resignation. Then a necklace peeping out of my jewelry box caught my eye and I thought to myself, "could this go with my dress? Nah ... That's crazy talk.....but it won't hurt to try it on though." So I tried it on and boy was I shocked. Who would have thought! It goes perfectly!

There you go. I was wrong. A necklace can actually work with an embroidered dress, it just has to be the right necklace. I couldn't resist carrying my favorite summer purse again because the rose petals go so well with those on the dress. Please forgive the excessive pictures. I just love this outfit so much."

Photographed by my very own mummy.