The perfect spring jacket


"Spring is in the air! Yippee!!!! Alright calm down, Enma. Yeah, it's been Spring for a while now but it only felt like it a few days ago, and even that didn't last. However, I used it as an opportunity to launch my new Trench Coat Inspired Mesh Spring Jacket (mouthful of words - I know).     

There are two major things to keep in mind when shopping for the perfect Spring jacket. The perfect jacket should be;"

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1. Functional: A jacket needs to serve its purpose which is to provide adequate protection from the cold. In addition, a jacket isn't complete without deep pockets to keep your fingers warm or your phone handy. A long detachable belt also helps to create that perfect fit.

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2. Pretty: Just because you're wearing a jacket doesn't mean you're not allowed to look pretty. C'mon, it's Spring and you should be gorgeous. The perfect Spring jacket should be a show stopper in its own right. It should make a fashion statement.

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Functional and pretty are two reasons why I love my Jacket. It's perfect for Spring because it provides adequate coverage in mildly cool temperature. I also love the mesh because it allows folks to steal a glimpse of the outfit underneath. And Oh! The pockets . . . Gotta love them pockets. Finally, the color is oh so pretty.

Hope you're as lucky as I was in finding the perfect Spring Jacket.

Photographed by seriously talented Bloggie, seriously!