The butterfly effect - prequel


"I wish I could take full credit for this design but I can't. It was inspired by my mum's outfit from over 20 years ago. In fact, hers was more complicated than mine. I took the design down a notch. Designing isn't just about sketching and creating a style or pattern. A big part of designing is picking the right fabric for the right style.

This is such a complex design that I knew I had to be careful with the fabric I chose. I didn't want a fabric with a busy print but I didn't want something plain either. Don't get me wrong, plain works well with this design but I wasn't feeling it. Thankfully, my generous mum supplied me with this beautiful multicolored ankara fabric.  I have to say that my mum and sister have excellent taste when it comes to selecting fabrics.

I originally wore this dress to church and then to work. It was a big hit! I took it with me to Nigeria and also wore it to church there. My Church in Nigeria prefers that women cover their head for the service. Thankfully, I had a piece of this fabric left and I used it as a head tie which ultimately gave the dress a more ethnic look - which is a good thing.

I love how my flower-print shoes go so well with the dress. That's the beauty of print. Print always goes with print as long as similar colors exist."

Photographed by Yemi O and Soma or Didi.