Why you should go thrifting for your next coat


My life has been changed. Not joking guys, totally transformed. "By what?", you might ask. By this ridiculously fabulous trench coat, that's what!

And the best part is I paid only 30 bucks for it. Yes! Only 30 dollars for this thick, luxurious, fabulous, Saks Fifth Avenue beauty that came into my life on my first thrifting pilgrimage with thrifting guru, Tracider. A thrifting experience that totally converted me into a thrifter!

Trust me, I wasn't one before that. I used to break out in cold sweats at the thought of rummaging through other people's clothes (eek!) but marveled/puzzled enviously at various thrifter fashionistas in their fabulous dirt cheap finds. 

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Interestingly enough, though the other ladies from our excursion (yes, there were A LOT of us!) picked up lots of great pieces, we all had one piece in common. Coats and jackets in various styles, shapes and sizes. This made me realise how perfect thrifting is for buying the most awesome outerwear. Why?

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Firstly, because you can pick up the most amazing outwear - usually the most expensive item in your wardrobe - completely quilt-free. I can't be only one who justifies throwing a ton of money at a it-must-be-made-for-me coat or jacket once (or twice or three times...) a year, telling myself quality is so much more important than quality. Or passing on a quirky piece because it's not likely to go with much of my wardrobe...even though it's a showstopper, fits me to a 'T', speaks to me, should totally be mine, deserves my love and attention.....sorry, got carried away there lol!

Anyway, thrifting lets you get away with splurging on lots of styles completely quilt-free! 

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Secondly, because variety, variety, variety!!! I completely get why thrifters and hipsters always look so cool. Because they find the most unique pieces, most likely not in season, wear it with stuff in season and look fab, effortless and original.

This works especially well with outwear. Case in point, my trench coat in these shots. Totally 80s - shoulders pads, fabric, cut, everything - but once I throw it on over any, I mean ANY outfit, I become this cool, effortless babe...in my head anyway lol! 

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Long story short, I'm truly converted to this thrifting life and intend to thrift my way to fabulous outwear till the end of my days. Great for my wallet, wardrobe...and confidence! 

Not totally sold on thrifting? Not to worry, I intend to share all I've learned from the oracle of Tracider soon. I also intend to feature this fabulous lady on here soon. In the meantime, feast your eyes on her IG :)

P.S. Scroll down to shop this look! ....not the exact look but lots of fab alernatives :)

Photographed by Hayet Rida, Deediary and Simi. Yep, was feeling myself so much, it took 3 different, very patient ladies to capture me on camera that day.