4 Different Ways To Wear An Off Shoulder Piece


"Off shoulder tops/dresses are very popular right now, but some ladies are reluctant to purchase one for various reasons. Maybe they're uncomfortable about exposing too much skin. Possibly they spend most of their time at work and feel buying one would be a waste because they can't wear it to work. Or perhaps they don't think it flatters their shoulders. Whatever the reason, the good news is that there are 4 different ways to wear most off shoulder pieces, and three of them address the issues I've just mentioned.

1. Simply cover your shoulders: Most off shoulder pieces have an elastic cord and that's great. The elastic allows you to pull the top or dress over your shoulders. I've actually worn some of my off shoulder tops to work by doing this.

2. Layering: If your off shoulder piece isn't elastic, don't fret. You can still cover your shoulders by wearing a top underneath. It can be a tank top or a top with sleeves. It would actually spice up your look and make it more exciting. If your off shoulder piece is print, layer with a solid color - preferably a color that doesn't dominate your off shoulder piece.

3. Cover one shoulder: So maybe your issue is that you feel your shoulders are too broad, but you still wanna show some skin. Well, I'm sure no one would notice those shoulders, but here's a solution anyways. Pull the elastic cord over one shoulder and leave the other exposed. You still get to show some skin while covering part of those shoulders you're so worried about.

4. Bare it all: If you're one of the lucky ones with no qualms about off shoulder pieces, then feel free to expose both shoulders. Be free, be happy, and wear the off shoulder like it was intended.

In today's post, I'm wearing my lace off shoulder top 3 different ways (1, 3 and 4). I wore mine with a choker and this lovely skirt. Chokers are perfect for strapless and off shoulder tops because they stand out when there's a lot of exposed skin.

I fell in love with this skirt when I saw it. I think the skirt fell in love with me too because I'm pretty sure I heard it call my name . It's a statement skirt that can be worn with any top. It's perfect for spring/summer, but you can also get away with wearing it in fall/winter if you pair it with the right top and shoes."

Photographed by Brilliant Bloggie.