How to go sporty or girly in our 'Double Print' skirt


Yep, we've been busy. As you might have noticed, we recently launched a collection of Double Print Skirts and boy, are we excited! This blog has been a labour of love for us and the fact we get to bring this collection to life and share it with you isn't something we take for granted. We are truly grateful! Hope you love these pieces as much as we do! That's why for the next few weeks, we'll be sharing styling tips for these fabulous skirts!

This week, I'm sharing how you can go from sporty to girly effortlessly in our 'Uche' Double Print skirt! 

'Uche' is a vibrant mixed print skirt with bold red and blue print on one side and a fun mix of blue, green, red and white on the other. I adore this skirt cos the secondary print almost seems like a completely different skirt! I got tons of 'wow, i love your skirt' comments when i wore it ;)

If you're a regular reader, you know I'm all about the flat life. Heels are cute but I have mini panic attacks if I have to wear them for more than a few hours! If you're like me and you use any excuse to turn an outfit causal or sporty, here's how you can do just that in our fabulous Double Print Skirts: 

First, you need a perfect in-between top. A top that dresses up or down easily. I opted for this white embroidered (though you can't tell) crop top. It's somewhat sporty cut translates brilliantly for both sporty and dressy. A simple tank top or tv shirt will work as well. The key here is simplicity. Our skirts are show stoppers so let it do the work ;)

Next is entirely up to you. Wanna go sporty or causal, throw on a pair of understated sneakers or flats. I suggest opting for white sneakers. It's amazing how many pieces go with white sneakers. It's comfortable, cool and chic at the same time. 

But if you suddenly have to head out into town for a night out with the girls or chic dinner with le beau or just a fancy soiree, slip into a pair of complementary heels and you're good to go! Not every color will work but pretty much every style will. Don't be afraid to go with a statement heel or two. 

However, you choose to style 'Uche' you can be sure you'll stand out from the crowd. You could even switch up how you wear it the very next day (backwards or sideways maybe) and keep heads turning all weekend long! 

Haven't got your very own 'Uche' yet? What are you waiting for?! Get yours now!