An ankara outfit with a twenties vibe and a hint of fifties


"When I look at this outfit I like to think it's what wearing ankara in the twenties would have looked like. Maybe twenties with a hint of fifties when you factor in my soda pop bag.

When I designed this top I imagined I would wear it with fitted pants or a pencil skirt. I had no idea I would be wearing it this way. I wanted something different this time so I did the opposite and paired it with my cream tulle skirt - a loose fitting option. Everything else fell into place.

My cream lace hair band immediately came to mind. It complimented the cream embroidered pattern and my tulle skirt nicely. When I saw I had this twenties vibe going on I decided to complete the look with pearls - necklace and matching bracelets.

As you already know from a previous post I prefer not to wear necklace with an embroidered top or dress. I had to make an exception again. You see outfits from the twenties were very artsy, dramatic yet elegant. Those outfits made a statement - from dramatic hair pieces and long string of pearls to the gloves and shiny tasselled dresses. So I figured wearing my pearl necklace with the top wouldn't be too much at all.

I already knew I wanted to launch my new soda pop bag from Aldo so that wasn't negotiable. And I didn't care that it didn't fit into the twenties look.

I couldn't decide on what shoes to wear. My original choice was my fuchsia/purplish pumps because I wanted a dash of color. That's why I went with purplish pink lips and nails to match. Then I got confused and wanted to wear my champagne gold pumps. I went with the gold pumps but don't worry I still wore the fuchsia pumps. You just have to wait and see.

A lot of people thought I was wearing a dress. They had no idea it was a two piece outfit. Even before the compliments came in let me just say the dress and skirt combination already inspired a design. I will attempt to have a dress made to look just like this :)"

Photographed by my gorgeous twinnie - Bloggie