How to wear an ankara skirt in a country kinda way


"When I came up with this outfit I wasn't intentionally going for a country look. But as I looked at myself in the mirror, I realized that I had inadvertently achieved just that.

We all know that for country folks, denim is a big part of their culture. Not to mention the cowboy/cowgirl boots. So you can see why I thought 'country' when I saw that I had paired my denim shirt  and booties with this flirty ankara skirt. I felt like a country girl in the Spring.

I liked what I saw and decided to do my best to complete the look. So I had my braids done in pigtails and used my hat as a prop for pictures. I know it's not quite a cowgirl hat, but hey, it's the best I could do on such short notice.

Notice I'm not wearing lipstick. I wanted my face to look somewhat natural. This is the perfect laid back look with a tang of "girlieness.

So if you wanna go country in your ankara skirt, just pair it with denim and booties. A simple combination for that simple and beautiful life."

Photographed by our very own Bloggie.