The best way to wear a print pantsuit


A pantsuit is a statement making outfit. I don't know about you, but when I have a pantsuit on I feel powerful and in charge. A pantsuit can also be sexy, and when it comes in print, it's absolutely feminine. 

Wearing a print pantsuit is tricky though. You have to pair it with the right accessories to avoid looking busy and to keep everyone's eyes on the pantsuit. Keep the following rules in mind when wearing one.

1. Avoid exciting colors: You don't want your print pantsuit to look busy so pair it with colors such as black, white, nude, gray, navy blue, etc. Your color choice should depend on your pantsuit. Try to pick colors that aren't exciting, but still compliment your pantsuit.

2. Stay away from statement pieces: You want people to notice your pantsuit, right? So stay away from any accessory that would compete with your pantsuit. Avoid dramatic accessories, and go for simple ones such as pumps, minimal strap sandals, etc. 

3. Limit your jewelry: Don't go overboard with your jewelry. Keep it simple and classy.

I applied the above rules by pairing my print pantsuit with a navy blue/green purse, blush pumps (gifts from BFF extraordinaire, Noma) and a white shirt. I limited my jewelry by wearing simple pearl earrings. I'm pretty sure you're zeroing in on my pantsuit and that alone.

If you want the focus to stay on your print pantsuit, follow my rules and let me know what you think.

Photographed by Bloggie boo.