How to make socks work


"In the past, I've worn a lot of socks.  Mostly in the spring or pre-fall because it isn't cold enough to wear tights or stockings and it isn't warm enough to go without any sort of covering on my feet - besides my shoes.

Not only are socks perfect for those sort of weird temperatures but they are also very fashionable in a quirky, sexy or nerdy sort of way - depending on how you wear it of course. One key thing to keep in mind when wearing socks is that the length of the socks should compliment the length of your outfit nicely. If one is wearing a short outfit such as shorts, mini skirt/dress then the socks should be high in length e.g. knee length. If the outfit is long then ankle socks are preferable. Also, the shape of a person's legs or calves might also determine the best length of socks. It's best to use your judgment and keep my tip in mind.

Below are a few shots taken last year and a recent one. Which look do you like better?"

Photographed by Yemi O.