Goodbye to an awesome winter


"Yesterday was officially the first day of spring. It doesn't feel like spring right now but I can't complain considering the fact that we had an awesome winter. By awesome I mean unprecedented warm weather and only one major snow storm. Of course some would disagree because they prefer cooler temperatures but not me. I absolutely loved it even though somewhere at the back of my mind I knew the unusually nice winter was as a result of our fragile environment.

On this "not so heavy snow day" I couldn't resist taking these pictures. The snow looked so beautiful and I knew it would contrast nicely with my navy blue gear. I had no idea it was going to snow when I left my house but I'm glad I was prepared. The funny thing is Bloggie took similar pictures on the same day and we had no idea we were doing the same thing! Great minds huh. A special thanks to the most talented and beautiful Yemisi Ogunro who braved the cold and took the time to take these pictures."


You won't believe the excitement when we realised we took similar pics on a snow day lol...Ahh when blogger BFFs are n'sync ;)