A yellow outfit + a hint of black = futuristic twist


"I think it's pretty obvious I love this outfit. Also, bloggie did such an amazing job with these pictures that I had a hard time deciding which ones to use for this post. That explains why I have so many - I absolutely loved all of them!

This was not an inspired outfit. It just came together in my head a few days before the shoot and I'm glad it turned out nice.

I've had this structured butterfly top for a while and wore it once but wasn't pleased with the look. I felt the top deserved more action or should I say drama - not that the top isn't dramatic enough. This time I decided to wear the top with my neon yellow skirt because I figured wearing two variations of yellow would look good.

Everything else fell into place. It was only after I actually tried on the top with the skirt (a day before the shoot) that I decided on my accessories and makeup. I wanted to go with accessories and makeup that would pop nicely against the yellow outift. I decided to go with black - my favorite color. The funny thing is some of my accessories were purchased recently. So if I had worn the top and the skirt a week before it wouldn't have turned out this way. It's funny how these things work out.

The cherry on top was the beautiful black ring bloggie gifted me right before the photoshoot. It was just what I needed to complete my look. Oh! let's not forget the leafy background. Nice, right? You gotta love yellow with a hint of black and lots of green.

Something about this outfit reminds me of futuristic movies. Maybe it's my hair and makeup or structured top. It doesn't matter because I love it!"

Makeup by Enma

Photographed by talented bloggie.


Love, love, LLLLOOOOVVVEEE this look. I can't. I just can't. FABULOUS ;)