Embracing my inner child in my colorful ankara dress and cat ears


"When my friend saw me in this outfit she had a couple of things to say.

First, she covered her eyes and said, "Your outfit is so colorful that I can't see."

I laughed.

Then she asked, "Are you going to a children's party?"

At first I was confused, then I realized she was referring to my cat ears. I explained that it was part of the look I was going for. She didn't get it and I didn't care.

See, there's only one rule in fashion - there are no rules. Every individual is unique, and what looks good on one person might look terrible on another. That's why I do my own thing and don't care about trends. Of course I wear trendy items, but that's because I choose to and not because society says I should wear them.

For instance, I bought my beaded cat ears long before I realized it had become fashionable to wear it with regular clothes - as opposed to say . . . a Halloween outfit . I was actually disappointed when I made this discovery because I was denied the opportunity to be unique. This new trend isn't widely known yet and it's mostly common amongst teenagers, so that explains my friend's assumption that I was attending a children's party.

My colorful ankara dress, which I designed, was inspired by some of the dresses I wore as a child. I guess I can see how the style and color of my dress combined with the cat ears led to my friend's comment. But I think the dress was perfect for my cat ears.

I finished my look with a dark green velvet collar choker and flowered print shoes.

I loved wearing this outfit because of its fun and playful quality. It definitely brought out my "inner child," and we all need that once in a while."