How to dress down in over-the-knee boots


The other day I was chatting with my colleague about over-the-knee boots (like you do!) and she mentioned she's always been hesitant to wear hers to the office (we're business casual) because she felt it was sort of inappropriate. Funnily enough, I've never felt this way. I've worn mine to the office, brunch with the girls and to run quick errands, without ever feeling overdressed. How? Because I tend to go for a dressed down look.  If I need a new piece in a wardrobe, I gravitate to easy causal glam options that can go with lots of looks. I've found that has worked with my selection of over-the-knee boots.

So if you're the kind of person that loves over-the-knees boots but worry it's too out there for an everyday look, here's what you need to bear in mind:

Pick the right style of boots - 6 inch stiletto sleekly designed over-the-knees babies can't be dressed down. Yes, have them in your arsenal for slaying on a night out but invest in a reasonably heeled comfy pair.  A grey, black or brown pair will go with everything. If you're adventurous, maybe a zaney floral pair. It doesn't have to be flats either.....

Stacked heels make a difference - This past season has been all about stacked heels and I'm hoping it stays in style as long possible. Those solid square heels make it bearable to work around with some height while looking chic and cool. For everyday looks, invest in a 3 inch or lower heel. Just enough heel to look slightly dressy but not.

Don't forget the rest of your outfit - A cute boho dress, jeans and a tee, a babydoll dress, leggings and your fav oversized sweater, even a tailored skirt and sensible shirt. Can you visualize any of these looks? Now add sensible over-the-knee boots. See how the outfit changes. Suddenly you're just dressed right and look uber cool at the same time. 

Case in point, this ensemble I wore below which I actually wore to work (without the earrings and sunnies. We're not that causal!lol), I got some many compliments that day, I thought to myself 'this needs to be blogged!!' lol 

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Photographed by boo-of-life Enma xx

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