Making an ankara outfit "fall appropriate"


"Oh boy! I was uneasy about wearing this outfit. I wasn't sure it was going to look good. My discomfort wasn't because I've had this ankara piece for six years but because I've never worn it in the fall and sadly, I've put on a few pounds since I had it made :(

I was pleasantly surprised when I tried it on and discovered it still fits! Yah! My next goal was to make it "fall appropriate." I decided to wear my brown pointy booties. I also threw on a light leather jacket - which I ended up not wearing because it was such a beautiful day.

After I decided on my makeup and accessories I couldn't wait to take shots against this green leafy background.

By the way, I'm wearing two separate ankara pieces. The top and skirt are made from two different ankara fabrics and they each have a matching piece. However, I decided to pair them together and I followed my "mix print" rule- mix prints that have at least one color in common."

Photographed by bloggie.