Think like a man (in this case "dress" like one)


"This outfit was inspired by Peri Gilpin's character ("Roz Doyle") from the popular 90s tv show, Frasier. Roz Doyle was a radio show producer, and she wore a lot of loose/oversized dress shirts tucked into sensible loose fitted pants (mostly featured in the 1st and 2nd season) . Her outfits  were inspired by men's clothing. She always finished her look with belt and shoes that looked like they were picked up from the men's section. Her look was "in" during the early 90s and I lovvvvveeeee it! She pulled it off so well that I was determined to imitate. I bought a men's dress shirt and made it work with what I already owned in my closet. I was sure to limit my jewelry.

I knew I wanted a touch of femininity because Roz never ceased to look like a beautiful woman throughout the entire show so I decided to wear my favorite lip color, RED. Nothing more feminine than a red lipstick. However, I wasn't sure about what shoes to wear. I didn't know if I wanted to go all the way and think and dress like a man with comfortable flats or whether to take my femininity up a notch by wearing pumps. I decided to do both.

I don't usually commute in heels so I wore my white sneakers to commute and switched to heels when I got to my destination. Here are pictures with both shoes. What's your favorite look? I have to say I like the sneakers a lot. It takes me back to my "Boyfriend Blazer" post

Note: the picture of Roz (see below) doesn't do her justice. You have to watch the show to get the look I was going for."

Photographed by the talented Yemi O.