5 reasons why you need chartreuse in your wardrobe


My happy color at the moment right now is chartreuse - that zesty, vibrant colour between yellow and green. Miserable overcast weather meet soft snuggly chartreuse green jumper or sunny warm summer's day meet floaty pretty chartreuse dress. In both instances, I feel uplighted, happy and pretty. And here's why:

1. It works in every season. Controversial I know! (ok maybe not. Let's be real, it's not that serious. This isn't global warming :)). It's super bright, yes but in a fun vibrant way. You could wear it as a pretty knitted scarf in your winter basics, or a trendy wool cardy for fall, a floaty maxi skirt for summer or in my case for this shoot, a comfy wool sweater for spring.

2. You can go either way. Yellow or green. No keen on green, pick chartreuse yellow. Not keen on yellow, go for chartreuse green. It could be dark or light, up to you. Either way, it'll be eye-catching and lovely.

3. It's an effortless showstopper. I kid you not, throw on anything chartreuse and prepare for the onslaught of non-stop compliments. It perks everyone up and makes them eager to let you know they noticed your lovely chartreuse piece. I've experienced this first hand!

4. A little bit goes a long way. You're not keen walking around looking like a neon sign or a lemon? Well, go for subtle accent pieces. A cute lil purse, pretty dangly earrings, strappy sandals or a white t-shirt with a bold chartreuse graphic. You get my drift? They're not obvious but boy, do they stand out. 

5. It'll lift your mood. Big time. I declare chartreuse a happy color! Fact (feel free to quote me on that!!). Having a bad day? Snuggle up in a toasty chartreuse yellow oversize jumper, and all will be well in the world.....ok probably not, but you'll project it and it'll eventually lift your spirits. Promise. 

For this vibrant spring look, I wore my fav light yellow chartreuse jumper with one of my favorite ankara print skirts (adore the lil yellow accents!). Yellow tassle earrings on my ears and shiny chartreuse green sandals on my feet. I was in yellow/chartreuse heaven :)

Photographed by my boo, Enma.

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