Keep it real


"I have often wondered what the designer of this graphic tee had in mind when the words "keep it real" were written across the chest. Did he/she mean keep your breasts real or be real/honest in your dealings with others? I'm still baffled by this but whatever the case might be I like those words.

I know in this day and age it is a rare thing to meet a woman who isn't flaunting something she wasn't born with. Besides fake breasts, nose and the rest, some of us are guilty of wearing makeup, hair extensions, fake nails, lashes and the list goes on. Is there anything wrong with that? I really don't know. I think it's all a matter of perspective. The most important thing is we should all feel confident and be thankful to God for who we are. There is beauty in everything created by God and He makes no mistake.

However, when I say I like the words "keep it real" I'm not referring to outward appearance. I'm referring to our attitude towards people. I believe it is very important to be honest and straightforward when interacting with others. I'm not saying we should be brutally honest because feelings might get hurt in situations like that. I'm saying we shouldn't be afraid to say how we feel or what we believe in but in a kind and respectful manner. We should be who we are and we shouldn't worry about what people might think of us. There's no need to be fake and no need to impress anyone. We need to focus on impressing God first and then ourselves. We will be happier that way and in the long run, people will respect us and remember us for it.

Let's talk about my outfit. My very generous and awesome friend, Noma, gave me these white sneakers as a gift. She's nice like that. Anyway, all I could think about was wearing it with this Ankara skirt and I did so the very next day. I couldn't wait! It's a very easy casual outifit and I felt free in it." 

Photographed by Ijeoma I.