The perfect shoes for that polka dot dress


"While my mum and I were shopping she spotted this dress and wanted it. Unfortunately she couldn't find her size. She asked me to help her search but all was in vain. Not for me though because they had it in my size! I asked her if she would live her dream of wearing the dress through me by purchasing it for me. She agreed easily.

First of all, can I just say my mum has a good eye because I wouldn't be wearing this dress if she didn't see it first. Second, I knew what hair style and glasses I would wear with this dress but wasn't sure about the shoes. I didn't want to do the color white or purple because it's an obvious choice. However, I knew I wanted a shoe style that would fit in the era this dress was meant for -1950s.

I settled with these orange and brown shoes. Perfect!"

Photographed by Mum.