A peter pan collar shirt and a jumpsuit


"We've been having the best weather ever!!! It has been surprisingly warm which is precisely why I'm wearing this "skimpy" outfit in the middle of a normally cold season.

Now let's talk about fashion. I bought this jumpsuit at Forever 21. It's very comfy but has a major flaw - no pockets! I was shocked and disappointed but purchased it anyway.

My peter pan collar top wasn't my first choice. If I'm being honest it wouldn't have crossed my mind. I was sniffing out clothes in my closet when I found it. I bought it years ago and completely forgot that it exists! I was so eager to wear my "newly found" top that I reluctantly decided to pair it with my jumpsuit. I was pleased with the result.

The lesson is never give up an outfit because you think it won't look good. Try it on before you make a decision. If I didn't give this top and jumpsuit a shot I wouldn't have this"cool french" kinda look.

I finished my look with these metallic silver oxfords from DSW and BlackBerry Sorbet lipstain from Sephora."

Photographed by bloggie.