The importance of thick mid waist belts


Mid waist belts have always been around, but there were certain times in history when they were fashion staples, like the 50s and 80s. Then the thick ones made a comeback sometime between 2005 and 2006. There were all sorts in stores - in different colors and shapes, and made from different fabrics. It was during that era that I acquired most of mine. And even though they aren't popular at the moment, I still find them useful for the following reasons.

First, they create the illusion of an hour glass figure. We're not all endowed with tiny waists and curvy hips.  Some ladies need a little help in the curve department. This is where a thick mid waist belt comes in. It gives the much needed assistance by cinching the waist perfectly to create the perfect figure.

Second, they add a bit of flavor to an outfit. Remember that every belt is an accessory. Like I've said before, accessories enhance an outfit and make it look better. If you find the right belt to match your outfit, you'd be doing yourself a great service.

Finally, thick mid waist belts can be used to make a loose outfit fit better. For instance, in today's post I'm wearing an off shoulder top that's a size too big. Nothing wrong with that,  depending on the look I'm going for, but I wanted to have a shape in today's outfit. So I reached for a thick belt and everything came together.

Don't dismiss the importance of a thick mid waist belt.

Photographed by Chinny.