Floral print striped dress with pockets!


"I love this dress. I love that it combines different prints even though it denies me the challenge of doing it myself. I also love that it has pockets!

Although I bought this dress in the Summer , I think it is also appropriate for the Fall and Winter probably because the floral print reminds me of the color of leaves in the fall. (Note to readers - floral prints are in this Spring so hurry and get your clothes, shoes and bags in floral prints!) This is actually a sleeveless dress so to make it more appropriate for the weather I wore a black crop top with elbow length sleeves underneath it. The necklace wasn't part of the plan because I thought it would be too much with the stripes and print, however, I couldn't resist trying it on. It wasn't as excessive as I imagined but I still can't decide on what look I like best."


Hmm....think I prefer it with the necklace :)

Photographed by Nancy K.