Graphic tees + ankara (A busy outfit for a busy day)


"I looovveee graphic tees. I think they are unbelievably cool and a good way to express yourself. Words, pictures or both on a tee can tell a lot about a person's character, likes or dislikes. It is important to note that my love for graphic tees doesn't include tees with negative remarks or obscene pictures. I tend to gravitate towards graphics that express my love for God (e.g. my cross tee), fashion, movies (e.g. Marilyn Monroe tee), dogs and even my inner childliketendencies (e.g. my Mickey and Minnie mouse sweater).

On this day, I knew I had a lot to accomplish at the mall and that it was going to be a busy day. I wanted to wear something fun and comfortable. So I resurrected my brother's ankara pants which I knew would be a perfect fit for my sky blue tee. I felt the pants were too long so I folded it until I was satisfied with the length. With my comfortable red sneakers and white shopping bag I was off to the mall. It was a busy day indeed but not too busy for pictures including a mirror selfie ;)

Find a graphic tee and express yourself!"

Photographed by mum.