What these 3 looks have in common besides fabric?


"At first glance, it looks like my outfits in the collage above are all one piece outfits but they're not..only one is.

I'll break it down.

The 3rd picture from the collage (far right) looks like a dress but it is actually a top tucked into a multifunctional skirt. The 1st picture (far left) is the multifunctional skirt from the 3rd picture worn as a dress.

Are you confused yet? 

The 2nd picture (middle) has an interesting twist. It seems like a jumpsuit but it's the top from the 3rd picture worn with my brother's pants! Yes! You read correctly, my brother's pants. It's a long story. Anyway, all of the above were designed by me except the pants of course".

Pictures 1 & 3 Photographed by Caleb; Picture 2 photographed by Yemi O.