Maroon 5


"I planned on wearing this black and maroon striped skirt with a white/black shirt (white background with black symbols written all over it). Cute! I mean black and white pretty much goes with everything and I love me some black and white. However, I decided to go with the least obvious choice and wore this black/yellow shirt instead. I think both shirts go well with the skirt but each gives off a different vibe. The black/yellow combo is a bit sassy and confident while the white/black combo has a cleaner and solid vibe to it but also confident. I'm looking forward to wearing the latter on a bright sunny day (keep your eyes open).

The entire outfit subtly displays different prints. There's the maroon/grey/black plaid shoes (plaid is perfect for the fall and winter), bold horizontal stripes on the skirt, subtle design on my maroon tights and of course the printed shirt. Instead of tucking in this "regular length" shirt, I chose to crop it by tying a knot. I did this to accomplish the fit that you see in the pictures. 

My favorite thing about this outift is the maroon color I have going on from my shoes all the way up to my blackberry sorbet stained lips (Sephora # 14 lip stain). Maroon is a lovely fall color as evidenced by the color of some leaves during this time of year. I am so fascinated by nature. Isn't God amazing?" 

Photographed by Nancy K.