When to stay away from bright colored makeup

I love all things print! I just do. Sometimes, I wanna cover myself in nothing but print. In today's post, I went all out, from my head to my feet. I didn't shy away from bright colors either. However, there's one thing I had to stay away from - colorful makeup. Strange, right? Especially when you consider my obsession with red lips. Allow me to explain why I made this unlikely choice.


There's a thin line between taking fashion risks and looking like a train wreck. When one crosses a fashion boundary (FYI, I'm not a fan of "fashion boundaries"), it's usually to make a statement which is why such risks never go unnoticed. It could be in the form of an unusual piece or an overwhelming/busy outfit. When it's the latter, it's best to keep one's hairstyle simple, limit accessories, and stay away from heavy makeup. It keeps the attention on the outfit and prevents you from having an "all over the place" kinda look.


That's exactly why I stayed away from heavy makeup in this outfit. I do admit that I have a lot going on. Not only are my covered in print, but my hair is a cross between orange and red. I had to take it down a notch. So I limited my accessories and wore little makeup.


I'm not trying to make a rule or create a boundary. No one has the right to do that because, after all, fashion is an expression. In fact, fashion is just that - fashion. I'm only pointing out that there are times when you should stand back and let your outfit take all the glory. That's right, be a mannequin for a change 😉.


Photographed by Chinny