The easy way to wear long neck scarves in warm weather

Scarves are adorable accessories, aren't they? They add a bit of flare to every outfit. Whether you have one on your head, wrapped around your neck, or as a belt, it never goes unnoticed. Today, I want to discuss long neck scarves and why I think they rock - always!


Long neck scarves are very popular in the fall and winter. There's nothing I like better than to match my scarf to my gloves - one of the few joys of winter (sighs). But that's not the only reason why I like them. They also keep my neck warm and toasty. So it's no wonder that long neck scarves aren't so popular in the summer. It's hot and no one wants to be bothered with cumbersome clothing in the scorching heat - talk about hell on earth. 


Don't fret though because I've demonstrated a fashionable and comfortable way to wear long neck scarves in the summer. I know summer is pretty much over, but it doesn't feel like it yet. Plus, you can transition this look into the early fall when it's still warm. It's simple - just tuck in the scarf underneath a shirt, vest or jacket collar and let the rest of it flow. You end up with a scarf that looks like it's part of your outfit without the fuss of having it on your neck. It's an effortless but pretty cool look.


I got tons of compliments on my "record" ankara scarf, a popular ankara print and one of my favorites - it's such a happy print. I tucked it underneath the collar of my oversized denim vest, a trend you should totally get on board with.


Photographed by Didi.