Another reason why two pieces are great

Have you ever owned a two piece outfit but didn't love one of the pieces? Maybe you didn't like the way the top fit. Perhaps the bottoms were too big. I know I have. 


Do you recognize the ankara skirt I have on in today's post? I wore it before with a matching top. Funny enough, I had it custom made so you would think that I'd love everything about it, but I don't. I'm not crazy about the top because the tailor didn't follow my design. He completely disregarded the sketch I gave him, smh.


So what do you do when you're stuck with a piece you don't love? The obvious choice is to find another piece in your closet that matches. That's the awesomeness of two pieces - there's so much potential because you can mix and match. This enables you to salvage fashion mishaps.


When finding a piece to match the other half of your two piece, there are two things to keep in mind - color and style. These factors are important because you want the pieces to look great together even though they weren't made for each other. That's how I chose this shirt to match my ankara skirt. The shirt is black and white and my skirt has both colors. Also, the ruffled sleeves go perfectly with the balloon/bubble effect of my skirt. The result is a perfect match!


Photographed by Chichi A.