Why Fishnet Ankle Socks Are The Way To Go

These fishnet ankle socks by Mix No. 6 @ DSW have changed my life. I absolutely love them! I've always been a fan of wearing socks with heels, from lace ankle socks to knee length soccer socks. But as much as I loved all those socks, I must admit that it was sometimes a challenge to find the right outfit to wear them with. All that has changed now with the fishnet socks. Here's why I think the fishnet socks are the best option for heels or even sneakers.


First is their transitioning power. The fishnet socks have the ability to blend easily with any look, whether it's edgy, work, punk, sporty or casual. Wear them with sneakers and they won't take away the sporty from your look but would add a bit of fun instead. Wear them to work and you won't lose your sense of professionalism but you'd gain an edge. Pair them with combat boots and your edgy look would be elevated to the nth degree.


Second, they are simple but effective. In other words, they stand out and get attention without the busy effect that other ankle socks have. For instance, my lace ankle sock is very pretty with all its exquisite flowered design. However, it can also be distracting, so I'm extra careful when choosing shoes or an outfit to wear it with. As for my cotton sock, it has no design but because it's a solid piece of fabric it demands attention which isn't always a good thing. The fishnet socks are awesome because they're the perfect blend of lace and cotton. It's not quite in your face, but it's still a force to be reckoned with.


On this fall day, I chose to wear mine to work. I paired them with a leather skirt, white ruffled blouse, a black crop sweater and black suede booties. The perfect blend of professionalism and edginess. Hurry and go find your perfect fishnet ankle socks before it's too late! Let me know how it goes. 

Photographed by Rusty.