The simplest...and I mean SIMPLEST way to tie head scarves


Bad hair days....the bane of every girl's existence.

Your outfit's on point. Your shoe game is unreal. Your makeup is out of this world......but your unpredictable stresses aren't cooperating!!! You try all sorts of styles, curse your ancestors for gifting you unmanageable hair and briefly bonder chopping it all off! But hope is not lost, maybe you can throw a hat on or pull on your favourite wig. Oh no! Your head is too ginormous for a hat (stay with me people!!) and your wig kinda looks like a hat (unlucky!!). What to do?!!!! You remember you have a stash of pretty head scarves at your disposal! But you have no idea how to tie those elaborate creations you see on Youtube and IG divas.

Well, this post is for you!

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I'm here to share my foolproof way of tying headscarves which I call the-lazy-girls'-or-anyone-really-even-someone-half-asleep-headscarf style! Yes, a mouthful but you get my drift ;)

What do you need to do?

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First, your need to get your hair in some sort of order. For me, it's the tried and tested, quiff and high ponytail roll. Doesn't have to be neat or fancy because you'll be covering that mess soon enough ;) Don't forget to tidy your edges! If you're a hairy beast like me with hair on the back of your neck (I know!!), give it a good brushing. Nothing worse than untidy back neck hair! lol

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Next, you pick out a scarf that goes with your look - retro, ethnic, chic, up to you. If you've picked a wide scarf, you'll need to fold it up to make it slimmer or be like me and invest in lovely narrow/small head scraves. I don't know about you but I end up kinda overwhelmed with the large ones lol

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You place the scarf at the back of your bum (or front, see style below), tie both ends behind your quiff, shift the knot to the corner of your quiff, preferably the opposite side of your quiff.

Now comes the fun stuff - tie yourself a pretty bow, as BIG as you like! Adjust your bow to stand out as much as you like, pick out some statement earrings, look in the mirror and give yourself a wink cos you're one hot mama!

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It's really that easy ladies. This is my signature way of tying my head scarves and I get tons of compliments whenever I do. It covers up a bad hair day, elevates your outfit and makes you feel like a creative genius ready to conquer the world! 

Try out this style next time you have a bad hair day or you feel like adding a bit girly chic to outfit and tag us on IG - @Enma_and_I! We'll join you in your celebratory saved-my-look happy dance ;)

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Photographed by fabulous blogger-partner-in-crime Enma