Cuban files: can curvy girls wear overalls?


Why yes they can! didn't expect a no, did you? ;)

I believe anyone can wear anything they want but it all boils down to how you feel in it. Fat, short, thick, thin or tall, wear whatever. However, I understand there are certain pieces that you can totally adore but fit awkwardly in real life. For me, it's been overalls. I've always wanted a pair but always look kinda weird on me. They bunch up around my thighs, end up riding up and creating an awful wedged look around my crotch area (eek!)! Not a good look. A common problem for us curvy/thick thighed ladies. 

Good news ladies, I believe I've figured out how curvy ladies like us can wear overalls comfortably and fabulously. Here's how: 

Find the right fit - Small top half but heavier down below? Find overalls in similar dimensions. It'll fit your top half nicely, especially if it cinches in at the waist, but with a looser fit below. I prefer a much looser bottom to prevent any sort of bunchiness. 

Opt for a fun print - Why? If the fit's not perfect, best to distract your admirers (and yourself!) with a cool print. Polka dots, stripes, embroidery, patterns, go for it! Every sin is forgiven with a lil print :)

Make a trip to a tailor - Can't find the fit you want? Here's fantastic advice from my brilliant sister, buy a bigger size and head to your nearest tailor. She swears by this and I can testify it works cos she always looks snatched! A stitch here and there and you'll have the overalls of your dreams. 

I got to explore Cuba back in Feb in this cute and comfy pair from Modcloth. They fit perfectly and were silly adorable. I went for a vintagey retro vibe by quiffing my hair and tying a scarf round my hair. A simple chocker round my neck, brown wedges, my life changing (yes they are!) sunnies and bright red lippie on the lips. 

I explored Vinales, Cuba with my girls - everythingcurvyandchic and deediary - feeling myself like crazy. I even dared to smoke and pose with a Cuba cigar in hand ;)

P.S. You can shop versions of my look but scrolling to the bottom of this post. Thank me later ;)

Photographed by wonderful deediary