What to wear to an 80's themed event


"This is a fun outfit from a fun era. 80's fashion was outrageously colorful and playful. From the clothes and accessories to the hair and makeup - it was all out there. The 80's had the big earrings, shoulder pads, mini skirts, off shoulder body hug tops, loose fitted sweaters, legwarmers, leotards, leggings, and the list goes on. Many of the trends pioneered by the 80's have already made a comeback, e.g the parachute pants.

In the 80's, prints and Bomber Jackets were a biggie too. So I was pretty excited to pair this cute print skirt with my Bomber Jacket - notice both pieces have birds and flowers on them. Since I was going for an 80's look, I couldn't resist wearing my bright pink tights.

Do you wanna know another major trend from the 80s? Scrunchies. If a girl/lady didn't have big permed hair then she probably had her hair fastened with a colorful scrunchie - usually to the side. That's why I was disappointed when I realized that I forgot mine.

I didn't notice until I took a couple of pictures and felt something was off when I looked at them. I was going for an 80s look and it wasn't quite right. Then I remembered I had planned on splitting my hair in two and fastening each half. Thankfully, I had a tiny hair band so I fastened one half of my hair and let the rest fall. It worked out because hair styles from the 80s were kinda wacko, lol.

I accessorized with my hot pink shades, denim bow tie earrings, a denim choker and embroidered denim shoes. Yup! Denim is back with a vengeance. Go get your denim this season.

This is a perfect 80's outfit for the Spring. It provides the necessary shield from the mild cold and also has the splash of color that we all love in Spring.

So just in case you have an 80's themed event coming up this Spring or Summer, I hope I've given you an idea of what you'd be needing."

Photographed by talented Bloggie.