Wearing a balloon/bubble mini skirt with leggings


"Some people can get away with wearing this balloon/bubble mini skirt without any form of covering on their legs (and I say kudos to them), but not me. It's way too short for me. I guess we all have our insecurities and this is mine.

The cold weather gives me an opportunity to escape my insecurities for a while, thanks to tights, pantyhose, and leggings! As opposed to pantyhose and tights, leggings aren't very common with mini skirts. But I've gotta say I love the look. It was a very popular combination in the 80's, especially with knee length leggings. My favorite childhood doll, Kenya, can testify to that since she had a similar outfit.

I wore this exact outfit a few years ago and it was a total hit. I was happy to repeat it. My favorite thing about the skirt are the pockets. Who doesn't love pockets? Also, nothing looks better than a crisp white shirt. Take a chance and pair your mini skirt with leggings.

Please ignore the fact that my skirt is sort of rumpled. The fabric is so delicate that sitting down is enough to ruffle its feathers- and I had done a lot of sitting prior to taking these pictures."

Photographed by fab Bloggie.