How to get the most out of your winter wardrobe with layering


We're finally at that time of the year when we can't decieve ourselves anymore with a light blouse or light coat. Time to dig out the trusty jumper/sweater to brave the elements.

I personally go through an annual ritual of sadly putting my cool autumn clothes away, then morosely digging out my winter clothes till I see a couple of cute pieces I've forgotten about....then immediately marvel at the lack of colour in my winter wardrobe.

For the past few years, I've made a point to try and rectify this dire situation by fearlessly searching for vibrant and colourful winter outfits. Not an easy feat to be honest with you.

Not too long ago, I had an eureka moment to make the most of my cooler pieces using clever layering! How do I do this you say? Well, with colourful tights, funky print cardigans (fitted, oversize you name it) and most importantly, with my trusty UNIQLO heattech shirts.

These amazingly light-weight shirts come in a variety of colours that keep you nice and toasty with their fancy technology. With one of these underneath a shirt or dress, you can keep your autumn, spring and even summer wardrobe active in the cold winter months. 

That's exactly what I did on this cool day. This deep purple heattech shirt worked so well with my burgundy dress, folks mistook the ensemble for one piece!

Maroon fishnet tights and kitten heeled booties pulled everything together perfectly. Watch this space for lots more layered looks in the future. 

Shirt - Uniqlo

Dress - can't remember but Modcloth have something similar

Tights - asos

Booties - Via Spiga

Earrings - Baublebar

Photographed by amazing Dinah of