I-ZIP Zipper Pull review


Picture this, you have a special event to attend, you've picked out your outfit - killer heels, accessories laid out, your makeup all planned and most importantly, the most perfect dress laid out ready to wear. Secretly, you're more excited about dressing up than the actual event! 

You've taken a shower, moisturised, put your face on, stepped into your dress and now it's time to zip up your dress......you reach back and struggle to pull the zip up.....you're not worried, you've done this loads of times, you can zip it. You strain, you stretch, you contort but to no avail....now you're getting worried.....there's no one at home to help....so you keep on trying...and trying....and trying...you go through annoyance (this is going to make me late!), frustration (why me?!!), anger (who makes these dresses anyway?!!!) and finally, resignation as you realise there's no way you can get into this dress by yourself. In defeat, you pick out another dress and head out to your event....almost 30 mins late! 

True story ladies, true story. Weirdly enough, a few days after this happened to me I got an email from the creators of the I-ZIP Zipper Pull about their genius product. Like the name suggests, a nifty lil tool to help zip up your dress or shirt all by yourself. Needless to say, I jumped on the opportunity to try it out! They're all about empowering women and boy, was I keen to be empowered! 

Keep on reading to learn how my experience went....

Packaging and first thoughts

The I-ZIP arrived in a pretty little drawstring black suede pouch. The product itself was tucked away inside. Very nice. Perfect to safely store away in a drawer and dig out when needed.  

The product itself

The I-ZIP is basically two sets of strings made of some sort of weaved fibre with a clip attached to a wire at the end. It's roughly 24 inches long - long enough for most arm lengths for sure. The tiny clip has a lil opening in the front and the sides used to attach to a dress/shirt zipper. 

How it works

So, you hook the clip on your zipper, pull the string up and viola! you're all zipped up. Yep, it's that simple.  

Final verdict

Great lil tool. Days of struggling to zip up a dress or shirt could be a thing of the past. Yah! 

I will add I couldn't clip it on properly on zippers without openings and it was pretty hard to zip up dresses that were a tad snug. Yes, I probably shouldn't be wearing snug dresses...but sometimes you need to look snatched ;) 

All in all, a cute lil tool. This brand is all about empowering women and supports a great movement to secure rights for girls and young women. Please check them out and pick up an I-ZIP or two while you're there ;)