Why You Should Always Have A Black Dress Wherever and Whenever

Some people have described me as colorful. They're not totally wrong because I do love colors. Colors are pretty and I express myself through them. However, black remains my favorite. It's confident, solid, safe, sexy and totally hot!


So it's no wonder that women are advised to own a "little black dress." Why not? We all need a safety net in our closet. That one outfit that we look good in no matter how we feel or where we're going. The backup or last minute dress we seek refuge in during closet malfunctions or mishaps.


In today's post I'm rocking my own version of a "little black dress." Not so little, I know. Truth is this black dress saved me. I was visiting my family out of town when I was invited to a last minute party. Thankfully, I had come with a safety net - this black dress. It was something I packed just in case I suddenly had to attend an event. I knew that I wouldn't go wrong with this dress no matter what came up. I was right.


So let me give you a piece of advice - always have a black dress handy no matter where you are. Have one in your closet and if you're going away on a trip, have one in your luggage. You can thank me later.

Photographed by Kito.