Why You Should Own a Metallic Hooded Windbreaker

I love my rose gold metallic windbreaker from Forever 21. I was actually searching for a silver metallic jacket when I came across this beauty. I instantly fell in love with it and purchased it immediately. At the time of purchase I did not consider when or where to wear it to. My sole reason for getting it was because it's so gorgeous.


I launched it last week, on a rainy fall day, and it was then that I discovered other reasons why I love it besides the fact that it's gorgeous. Those reasons are why I think they're worth buying.


First, it's water resistant which makes it the perfect jacket for a rainy day. It achieves the same function as a rain coat or trench coat except that it's edgier and eye catching. This look is ideal for spring but the color makes me lean toward a rainy fall day.

Then, there's the windbreaker. It keeps one's hair dry and shielded from the wind that sometimes accompanies rainy days.


Finally, it's an extremely light jacket. This might seem like a bad thing but it actually isn't. Believe it or not, the fabric and lining keep the body warm in spite of it being light. Sure, you can't wear it in freezing temperatures but it's perfect for rainy days because it's not usually too cold when it rains.


Are you convinced? You better be :). If not, tell me why. If you are convinced then hurry to Forever 21 and get yours while they still have it.

Photographed by Chichi.