How to Achieve a Summerish Fall Look

Summer is over and we're gradually drifting into cooler temperatures. It still feels like summer sometimes, and it's hard to figure out how to dress or what sort of makeup to wear. Personally, when we experience one of those precious warm fall days, I find myself torn between relieving summer's glory days and moving forward with fall. But I've decided to do a little bit of both, and I like to call it the "Summerish Fall Look."


So how does one pull off a summerish fall look? Well, the key is to add a pinch of this, a dash of that and a splash of those. Too vague? Okay, lets go deeper by examining my outfit in today's post.


I'll start with my clothes. My outfit is predominately navy blue, a fall color, but with a splash of bright summer colors on my top. On to makeup and nails. I have on a major dash of dark green lip stain which is fall appropriate and pinches of neon green nail polish that scream summer.


So how do you know when you've achieved a summerish fall look? If you can pull off the look in either season then you've hit the nail on the head. 


Photographed by Soma