Why You Should Own a Maxi Dress

There are certain items that every lady should own and I think a Maxi Dress is one of them. If you don't have one already, please allow me to convince you to buy one. I won't beat around the bush, below are three reasons why.


1. They are versatile: Maxi dresses are bipolar. Wait, hear me out first. Depending on your mood, they can be dressed up or down. The thing with maxi dresses is that they have an informal yet elegant vibe. The accessories you choose to wear it with will enhance the vibe you're in the mood for. You can throw on a pair of flats or slippers and make it a casual look, or wear heels and it becomes elegant.


2. They are slimming: I don't know about you but I feel slim in maxi dresses. I believe it has something to do with the length. It elongates one's height and when a person looks taller, they look slimmer too.

3. They are weather friendly: Maxi dresses are one of the few items that I can get away with wearing in any weather. The length adds that extra layer of fabric to keep you warm in cool temperatures. Of course, if it's extremely cold you'd need to wear a jacket. All in all, I've found that my maxi dresses come in handy on those days when I don't know how to dress because the weather is kinda all over the place. That sort of weather is usually common in Spring and Fall, when it's cold in the morning but warm in the afternoons.


In today's post, I chose to accentuate the elegant version of my maxi dress. To achieve that, I accessorized with high heels and a clutch purse. I was feeling very "purpley/pinky" with my makeup and feather earrings. 

Are you convinced? I hope so! If not, tell me why.


Photographed by Chinny.