Put on a bit of weight? Buy culottes right now


Yes, dear readers I've put on a bit of weight. For the first in years, my clothes feel kinda snug and dare I say.....uncomfortable.

When it's outfit picking time, I find myself crossing out sleevless or fitted options (bye bye bodycons). Kinda silly I know but I haven't had this problem in long while. I'm determined to lose these pounds before they spiral out of control, but a gals got to keep looking fly. 

Which brings me to secret weapon. Culottes!! Perfect women's knee-length trousers, cut with very full legs to resemble a skirt. Why are these pants my secret weapon? Here are 4 reasons why:

1. Because they're baggy! They have loose floaty fabric to hide expanding waistlines in the most fashionable way. Thicker thighs, bigger belly or wider butt. No problem, these babies hide away every sin nicely. 

2. Because they're work-friendly or weekend-with-the-girls friendly. Need a great work look to inspire professionalism and fun? Or an easy breezy look for a fun summer's day? Culottes to the rescue. They can be dressed up or down all so easily.


3. Because they've been on trend for forever. I bought my first pair like 2 years ago and they're still stores. I've steadily added more to my  collection and haven't looked back since. I don't see myself stopping anything soon either...even if they aren't trendy anymore. I'm at that age where I wear what works for me and not what's 'fashionable'. I need my pieces to last a season or two....or forever!

4. Because they're great for all seasons. Yes! You can wear these babies in winter! Yes, they're prefect for summer but you can pull on a sexy pair of boots and strut your stuff in cooler months.

Long and short of it is, in these last trying days (dramatic i know!) the one piece in my wardrobe that hasn't betrayed me are my dear dear culottes. It's camouflaged my weight gain and kept me looking fly at the same time.....Just can't get complacent and pile on more pounds! Best believe, operation-get-Chinny-snatched has begun ;)