Bronze it up


"Everyone was shocked that I had the guts to color my hair after "the incident" last year- see "confessions of a hairdyeaholic." I hinted back then that I'd probably color my hair again because deep down I knew I would get bored eventually. I was right. I felt like mixing it up and just couldn't resist this bronze dye. I'm just grateful to God my hair grew back lol.

I'm still trying to adjust to my new hairstyle. I find I have to carefully choose each outfit because I want it to go well with my hair.

In the pictures below, I'm wearing a two piece outfit with comfy brown sandals. I'm absolutely loving my necklace which I purchased from TJ Maxx. It goes perfectly with this lovely hair comb that was given to me by beautiful bloggie. I must confess that bloggie is really good at giving gifts.

Hope you like my hair. Stay tuned for more exciting colors - hopefully."

Photographed by Didi.