The perfect summer dress or is it?


"In a previous post I showed off an ankara piece that I designed to be worn multiple ways (see pic below) - a long skirt and a tube/strapless three quarter length dress. I have toyed with the idea of wearing a top or shirt with the ankara tube dress for a while now. I decided to try out my idea with this skirt which I also wore in a previous post. I was motivated when I saw this picture of my fashionable and famously generous friend, Noma, wearing the gorgeous dress in the pictures below. Her dress was the way I imagined a top tucked into a strapless dress would look. So I found a top to match my skirt and voila!

It was a fashion risk but a definite hit! Another two piece outfit that everyone thought was a dress and complimented me on. Of course I didn't correct them.

My nails matched my skirt and I would like to say the skirt inspired my nails but it didn't. It was after I wore the skirt that I realized it went perfectly with my nails.

My lovely ankara purse/clutch was a gift from my wonderful friend Yemisi. Not only does she take gorgeous pictures but certainly knows how to give a fab gift.

Compare this outfit with pictures from the last time I wore this skirt. Which look is your fave?"

Photographed by MY MUMMYYY!!!