Enma's design I wore for my 'Bia Malana'


First of all, what's 'Bia Malana' (also called 'Idu Uno' or 'Emalu Uzo' and many other names in Igbo land)? Well, it's a ceremony/event that takes place after an Igbo (my tribe) traditional wedding in Nigeria. Basically the bride's family and relatives visit the home their daughter has gone to live in. In a lot of cases this becomes sort of a party - lots of food, drinking, speeches - good times all round. 

For such an exciting do, I needed something special - this gorgeous dress designed by super talented Enma. A true labour of love :)

My wonderful auntie bought this gorgeous burgundy lace fabric in Lagos and sent it over to me in states. All my other wedding outfits were being made in Nigerian and I was determined to get a couple made in the states for my fashionista-control-freak peace of mine ;)

I found a great tailor in Brooklyn (he's great! Hit me up in the comments section if you want his details) but I wasn't too sure what style to go for. Cue searches through IG and Pinterest - bellanaijaweddings, asoebibella, africansweetheartweddings, you name it - but nothing stood out to me. Long story short, Enma saved the day by agreeing to design this beautiful fabric. After a few conversations by phone/in-person, detailed design sketches and a couple of trips to the Fabric District, this dress was born! 

I completely adore it and I love the fact it's basically a stunning, chic evening gown. I see myself wearing this again and again to an event or two. Like I've said before, it's always great to have BFF designer on speed dial ;)

P.S. That's my beautiful sister in the last pic :)