My first Nigerian traditional wedding outfit


Like the title says, this was my first outfit for my traditional Nigerian Igbo wedding.

Nigerian traditional weddings are an extravaganza to say the least. Tons of ceremony, numerous outfit changes, colour, colour and more colour! 

I wore this outfit for like 30 mins, which consisted of dancing, greeting guests and following hand signals/instructions from uncles/the MC/asoebi ladies/mum (yep! that convoluted lol) seriously painful shoes I might add ;) 

My lovely godsend of an aunt handled buying all my fabrics, designing and sewing almost all my outfits. A true gem! I let her know what colours I wanted and she handled the rest.....including buying the asoebi my ladies wore (gorgeous ladies in purple). She's amazing, isn't she? ;)

P.S. Special shout out to Enma for traveling for hours to attend my wedding *virtual hug*

Picture by uber talented Christian Livingstone. Facebeat and scarf tied by Sleek Shop Awka