Nigeria files - Red lacey asoebi

As you can probably tell from the title of this post, I spent the holidays in Nigeria...for a very special reason I'll divulge in near future **grins**. I had an amazing but hectic time to say the least. Weddings, weddings and more weddings! Not any type of wedding either...traditional Igbo weddings in Eastern Nigeria, the real deal! 

Ok, some background for our non-Nigerian readers. In Nigerian weddings, the bride's female friends and relatives wear outfits made from matching fabric or patterns called 'Asoebi'. Almost like having an unlimited number of bridesmaids wearing the same material but in any style they want. In the 'Igbo' custom (my tribe), Asoebi ladies dance in with the bride at different stages of the ceremony - a lovely, colourful entourage :)

This red floral asoebi was for a dear friend's wedding in Eastern Nigeria. As a 'shoulder' kinda girl, I went for a halter/sleeveless full length gown. Fit like a glove in all the right places....ok, I'll be honest, I could barely sit or bend down..hehehe

This was made by my wonderfully talented auntie in Lagos at very short notice!