My second Nigerian traditional wedding outfit


As you can tell from the number of pics featured in this post, this my fav outfit of the day!....still loved my first outfit though :)

When I picked colours for my traditional wedding outfit, I always knew I wanted a combo that included vibrant red. After searching online for inspiration and ideas, I finally settled on white and gold lace for my outfit and a beaded red headtie. 

I shared these ideas with my ridiculously talented aunt in Nigeria....AND....did she do it justice or what?!!! Her ingenuity was off the charts.

First of all, she couldn't find the right white and gold lace fabric for my outfit so she bought this lovely white lace and lined it with this gorgeous gold shinny fabric. Genius! Then she bought my red headtie in the exact shade I wanted and had pearls specially sewn into it and the over-the-shoulder scarf-thingie ;)....when I tried this outfit on a few days before the wedding, I felt regal!

Oh! I have to mention my epic nails, makeup and headtie (again!).

I had A LOT of makeup on! Yes, hard to believe I know ;) Took almost an hour to heap all that on my face....but it turned out great! My headtie was tied by a genuis girl with magic speedy was a work of art! And finally I did my nails myself! Yes! Inspired by Enma's nail post, I went for a gold and red combo. Colour me surprised when it turned out stunning considering I painted them in a rush the night before! 

Of course there was more to my traditional Nigerian wedding than outfits and makeup....I shared the best day ever with my favourite guy ;)....2 families came together to celebrate their new bond in a series of ceremonies steeped in hundreds of years culture and tradition. It was a wonderful day. I feel truly blessed! 

Picture by uber talented Christian Livingstone. Facebeat and scarf tied by Sleek Shop Awka