Blue crush


"Blue used to be one of my least favorite colors. I think I hated blue as a kid because I wasn't mature enough to appreciate it. As an adult, I'm indifferent towards blue until I see something in it that I absolutely love either because of the shade or because it can't possibly look better in any other color. It's at this point that I become obsessed with blue.

Jeans are one of those items that's made for blue. Of course jeans are cool in colors other than blue but nothing beats blue when it comes to jeans. Speaking of jeans, I hardly wear them and this is not because I don't think they are cool. On the contrary, jeans are awesome and are a unifying fabric that can't be discriminated against as evidenced by the fact that they can and have been worn by people from every color, race, nation and class.

Anyway, forget about jeans and let's get back to blue. One thing I love about blue is the fact that of all the colors God has made, I think it has the most variations - navy blue, royal blue, sky blue, baby blue, cobalt blue and the list goes on. No matter how one might dislike blue it is almost inevitable that one will eventually gravitate towards a shade (or shades) of blue. That's precisely what happened to me.

So I'm not that big on blue but I was definitely BIG on blue on this very day and was attracted to different shades of it. I had on my navy blue lipstick and all I could think about was blue. I was obsessed! In fact, I would have dyed my hair blue (despite my previous experience) and painted my nails blue but this look happened so fast that I had no time for that (next time definitely - at least with the nails ). I am so loving this look.

Find a color you're crushing on and rock it to pieces!" 

Photographed by Yemi O.