Rivers, bridges.....and 'mannish shoulders'


It's funny how as we get older we get more comfortable in our skin...well, I have anyway  :)

Just a few years ago I would have been ridiculously paranoid wearing this particular top. Why? Because of my 'mannish shoulders'...yes! that's how I thought of them lol. 

'It's not what you look like that matters, it's what you see' - Henry David Thoreau

I only began to make peace with them after many years of compliments on how toned and 'Michelle Obama-ish' (I wish!) they were or how athletic it made me look, and on the odd occasion which I relished, how model-esque they made me look ;)

I know I know, I'm nowhere close to model material but hearing these remarks finally helped me accept my shoulders and eventually embrace them. Getting older and realizing you're not as bad as you thought probably played a part in that too. Older, wiser and more fab, I say! 

Photographed by adventurous Dinah from www.deediary.com. Crazy girl got me posing in the midst of flowers in NYC (got quite a few stares!). I was smiling on the outside but terrified of bugs on the inside!! lol