Happy Holidays from Enma and I :)


Happy holidays everyone! Can't believe I've been using that term effortlessly this past month. I moved to the states 2 years ago and it's always felt a bit weird saying 'Happy Holidays' instead of 'Merry Christmas'. I've obviously gotten over it now...I've been sprouting 'Happy Holidays' this past year without batting an eye.....hmmm.....wonder what else will become effortless....

Hope you have a blessed Christmas Day full of laughter, love and delicious food. Forget about all your worries and cares and be thankful for another year with friends and family. This is one day where you can stuff your face, sing carols to your heart's content, binge on sappy feel-good movies, get ridiculously happy about material things while appreciating the true meaning of the day...the birth of our lord and saviour:)

Thank you for your loyal readership. Happy holidays!! ;)