Stripes and florals


I have a confession to make...I went overboard during Black Friday/Cyber Monday *hangs head in shame* My inbox became my best friend and worst enemy...let me explain...I'm an Internet shopping junkie. I don't go to the shops if I have a choice. I make a nice cuppa, nestle into the sofa and peruse all my fav online shopping sites....hmm...bliss. Sometimes I don't even buy anything! Just adding stuff to my shopping cart or wish list makes me happy...sad I know lol 

Of course during Black Friday, the offers came a pouring - 50% off, buy one get one free, free shipping, free returns etc. I didn't know what to do with myself! I can honestly say I spent most of that weekend online! And spent the following weeks receving packages and alternating between happiness, excitement and puzzlement (what did I order that?!). And also spent further weeks returning tons of stuff after coming to senses. Safe to say I won't be shopping for a while. 

Anyway this gorgeous floral skirt was a product of my online shopping binge....pretty isn't it? Paired with this stripy crop I think it worked out nicely. Happy days 😊